42: Find Your passion, Dare to Dream and Go after It!

As you enter midlife, you might find yourself standing on the edge of the high dive, wishing you could cannonball. But you’re frozen. What’s holding you back? Fear of the unknown? Procrastination? Self-doubt? Fear of failure?  Just ask Amy Schmidt, a podcaster and author of Canonball, Fearlessly Facing Fifty, whose goal is to encourage women older than forty to push fears aside and “go all in.” In her book, she shares personal stories and those of others to help women cannonball fearlessly into the rest of their lives “with the biggest splash possible.” Amy says she wants to empower women to “take charge of their life in the middle” at a time when they can begin to feel invisible.” You can find her at:https://fearlesslyfacingfifty.com/.

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Here’s what you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Amy, was married to a corporate executive, moving many times around the world with three kids. She became accustomed to becoming the new person at the PTA meeting. Transitioning was a way of life.
  • After she returned to the United States after 11 moves with her kids getting older and the empty nest looming, she taught herself how to podcast to open a dialogue about women and inspire them to take on midlife challenges.
  • Women who have been home with kids for years can lose their identity as they raise families. They tend to count themselves out before they even apply for a job. They often don’t feel qualified to do anything in the workforce. Play a highlight reel in your mind of all you’ve accomplished and reflect on how that can translate into a job opportunity. Don’t take yourself out of the game.
  • A division I swimmer in college, Amy became a volunteer swim coach at Fairfield University. She was nervous when first asked to address the swimmers, and considered running back into the locker room, but gave it a try. The kids listened to her, she “added value to them,” and it became one of the best experiences of her life.
  • Rise to the challenge instead of balking. Stop doubting that you have skills to move forward. You can always recalibrate.
  • Challenge yourself and look past your imperfections, which are part of your story. You’ve earned every wrinkle on your face. Embrace who you are and cannonball off the diving board with confidence.
  • Find people who add value to your life. Add a new friend if you feel you can support each other. Women thrive on connection.
  • Be a lifetime learner. Take classes, join groups connected with what you love, and you will be surrounded with like-minded people.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. On the other side of fear is magic.
  • Put yourself first with health as your priority.
  • Amy says if she would tell her 30-year-old self: “You don’t need to do everything, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.”
  • In tough times, get dressed up and get going. Just start whatever story is for you. Find your passion, dare to dream, go after something new and see what comes of it. Give yourself permission to reinvent.