39: Overcome Self-Doubt and Emotional Traps to Unlock Creativity

On the heels of this pandemic and in the next few years, we will see an explosion in innovation and creativity. But many people stifle their own creative impulses. Martha Alderson helps people move beyond self-criticism, negative emotions, and unhelpful habits that block them from accomplishing creative goals. The author of Boundless Creativity: A Spiritual Workbook for Overcoming Self-Doubt, Emotional Traps and Other Creative Blocks, Martha focuses on unlocking inspiration!

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Here’s what you’ll learn about in this episode:
• Human beings are constantly creating. We’re creating meals for our families, positive feelings, gardens, stories. But we often trip ourselves up by not thinking we’re worthy, doubting ourselves, or not believing we’re smart enough.
• As soon as we undertake anything creative, we meet our doubts and insecurities, but we also unearth our strengths.
• Our creative spirit can be buried beneath layers of expectations that dull our energy and capacity to channel the muse.
• Fear and sadness are two of the main negative emotions that can dull our creative force. If we’re sad or fearful, we’re not as open to creative inspiration as we could be.
• Martha was dyslexic, nonverbal and sexually molested as a child. She read and wrote backwards and was ridiculed. But she was able to move past self-doubt, insecurity and self-doubt.
• Slowing down, looking inward and listening to your internal wisdom allows you to tap into your creativity.
• Be hypervigilant of your thoughts and emotions and the negative narratives you tell yourself. We can rewrite the stories by repeating things that are positive over and over again to rewire our brain and override negative messages.
• Create a tribe, or a real or virtual circle of people with similar goals.

• If a creative goal keeps whispering to you, it is authentic and worthy. Pursue it!