31: Reinvent Yourself: Launch a Second Act!

Illana Raia is a lawyer, lecturer and founder of Être—a forum for middle-school girls that helps them build on passions and interests. Illana retired from law and launched this forum as her last child was preparing to leave home. Être connects girls with professional women at the top of their game who serve as mentors and role models. She is also the author of a new book “Girls who do you want to be?”

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Here’s what you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • In the Time of Covid: Stop, breathe and reach out to the people around you. If you have college kids who have “boomeranged” back home, this is an opportunity to dive deeply into what they are doing and hear what they are feeling.
  • This crisis could change the way work is distributed between the genders. With everyone working from home, the household is “all hands on deck.” Everyone is sharing the domestic labor. When the pandemic is past, household tasks may continue to be more evenly distributed. We may achieve a better work-life balance.
  • In the midst of this global pandemic, people are learning to connect virtually and share information more efficiently. This sharing will change how we work. Employers are realizing that working remotely can be productive.
  • Our creativity is being tested and tapped in new ways. We are learning to look more closely at the what brings us joy. We are finding new ways to share, such as offering living-room concerts for others. We are developing new ways of sharing information across different industries.
  • We have hit a pause. If this pause leads to introspection and innovation, that is the silver lining to help us weather grief and hardship. Hopefully, we can put some good back into the world, redefine what brings us joy and leave the world a better place.
  • Send a positive text everyday to someone in your life. Support a charity that’s doing good work. Write something. Indulge your creative interests. Paint or play music. Fill your house with something that is authentically you.
  • Be productive. Delve into what makes you happy. Work with energy and purpose. Be a virtual role model.
  • Try something new. Your skill sets may transfer into another area. A hobby, cause or passion can evolve into a new direction.