27: Channel Creativity in Trying Times to Come out Better Than Before

Keisha Blair is an economist who lost her husband when she was 31. She later wrote an article with the 40 life lessons she learned from this tragedy. That article went viral and led her down a new path. She is now the bestselling author of Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness. Those lessons can help us all get a better grip on these uncertain times. In her book, Keisha writes about the financial effects of people living much longer today. The average person can expect to live almost to age 80 or more, nearly 30 years longer than someone born in 1900. Keisha, who lives in Ottawa, Canada, advises people how to handle their hard-won nest egg so it covers their lifespan. She also has lots of life experience and soul to share!

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Here’s what you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Pause and reflect. Take this space to think about what you are doing in life. What’s really important?
  • Writing a journal can help you set an intention. “It’s like your therapist. It helps us be self-aware.”
  • Look into the future, not the past. Spend time in nature. Reach out to others while keeping your social distance. Pay it forward.
  • Keisha compares the Covid-19 crisis with the rare disease, or “enemy” that sprang out of nowhere and took her husband’s life. “Something hitS you like a ton of bricks and you have no frame of reference… I’ve walked this road already.” It was like a “mushroom” of grief and loss. You face so much uncertainty and daily grief. Take it one day at a time.
  • When you take a pause in life, go off autopilot and think about your deepest desires, it can trigger amazing creativity.
  • Draft a budget and write down two words: financial resilience.
  • We make 36,000 decisions a day. Look at your daily decisions and be mindful of them. Don’t slide into “mindlessness,” which can lead to stunted growth and lost potential. Tune into each action you are doing and take stock of its consequences.
  • If you are spending too much time on social media, maintaining toxic friendships or eating poorly, you are withdrawing from your “wholistic wealth bank account.” Live intentionally. Weigh every decision.
  • Don’t blow your budget panic buying. Stock up, but don’t purchase things you don’t need and create financial problems.
  • Although it may seem like the end of the world, we have a tremendous opportunity to channel our lives in the way we want to and do things that help us get there.
  • Write a personal mission statement. It could allow you grow and become an “eternal gift.”
  • Channel your creativity to emerge better than before. Do what makes you happy. Spend time with loved ones. Our time is our most precious resource.