18: Finding Power Through Pages: Badass Women’s Book Club

Tap into Passion to Push Past Fear, Empower and Reinvent Yourself

Gina Warner is founder of the Badass Women’s Book Club, which has more than 14,000 followers.  Her goal is to prompt women to lead intentionally empowered lives by speaking up and going forward with strength and confidence.

Here’s why she launched it:  Gina was on her way home from a leadership conference, where she hadn’t spoken up for three days, which made her feel terrible and disappointed. She chalked up her silence to suffering from the Imposter Syndrome.

But then, she walked past a book store and a yellow book cover grabbed her attention.

It said: “You are a Badass!” Well, she certainly didn’t feel like one.

But that book was a light bulb. The pages empowered her, and they gave her a way to empower others as well. When we set out to serve others, we can end up reinventing ourselves in magical ways! Gina wasn’t fearless in launching this project, she plowed past her fear!

Gina launched her book club at Bards Alley in Vienna. Now it has more than 100 bad ass women hosts across the country. She also does online coaching and in-person workshops to empower women.  Her message resonates with me, as my motto is “Make it Happen!”

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What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Gina says she is the person who constantly goes up to others in the library and says, “Oh my God, you are going to love that book!
  • She launched the Bad Ass Women’s Book Club to make friends beyond her daughter’s school and her work. She also was also wondering why she wasn’t “stepping into” her power, why she was holding back.  She worried that no one would come to the launch of her book club, but 22 did. Now her it has more than 14,000 followers!
  • More than 70 percent of people—particularly women and blacks—suffer from the Imposter Syndrome, which prevents them from reaching their potential. Gina says we need to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves to break this downward spiral.
  • Women are conditioned to follow unwritten social rules that put them at a disadvantage. “We don’t want to be the pushy one, the bossy one but that always works against us,” Gina says.
  • Gina used to think people who accomplished big things were fearless. She later had a revelation: Those brave souls had stepped beyond fear to reach their goals. Just do it!
  • Don’t listen to voices in your head that say you can’t do it. Gina suggests that you ask yourself if you are less smart or capable. That’s just not true. Break that negative thought. These are just “stories in our heads,” she says.
  • Gina launched Badass Book Club to focus on women’s stories so they can apply truths and lessons on the pages to their lives. The book club is “a jumping off point” so women can talk about their own experiences. It is a place to talk about reinvention for the next phase of your life.
  • “I am a serial re-inventor,” Gina says. “I am a constant learner. I am constantly excited by ideas.” Find out what lights you up and give yourself the freedom to be open to new experiences, opportunities and people.
  • Gina says we are in a “wonderful time and space of women sharing stories” in books, television shows and movies.
  • Check out the badasswomensbookclub.com. “Get involved and get engaged.”